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Remco Vincent Helsloot

Managing design and development and supervisor of internet projects for business,
media and science. I start projects, supervise them and make projects successful.

Remco Vincent Helsloot

I am an independent, self-driven, analytical and creative managing developer and supervisor of internet projects for educational and scientific institutions, publishers and companies.
I bring projects to life, supervise them and make projects successful. I am well aware of relevant professional trends and developments and using this information for the organization's benefit. I know how to deal with complex projects in an innovative way. With inspiration, decisiveness and flair, the stated goal is clear and of course within budget and planning.

My strength lies in my ability to work flexibly with specialists from different disciplines. Established on professional knowledge, I make a creative translation of broad issues of clients into new digital applications. I, therefore, have extensive experience with projects for institutions from the business community, media, agencies and science.

My personal power is in understanding and articulating the intrinsic wishes of clients and translate this with the team into a concrete realization. I like to work gladly and easily with specialists from different disciplines, such as experts from ICT, marketing, communication and creation. It goes without saying that I am always aware of recent and relevant developments. I have done relevant courses in the field of marketing, project management and ICT. And I am affiliated with several internet groups that are known as forerunners in the field. In addition to following professional literature, this is an important way to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

As a person, I am socially oriented, motivated, driven and well organized. I am the father of Marijn. I enjoy being outside, like to read a good book, love art and culture and am socially concerned.  

When I can help you, or if you have a question, please contact me at Or call +31 26 2132146.